How to Make Your Kids Wan’na Eat Veggies

By Cook | Apr 24, 2008

Many parents are interested in changing their family’s eating habits and make them  healthier, but aren’t sure where to begin. Many of them are parents to “fruits and veggies refusers”: ” My kid is too thin and doesn’t like eating healthy foods” - that’s one phrase you could hear more than once…
First - you should [...]

10 Must Follow Tips For Us “Salad Eaters”

By Cook | Mar 30, 2008

There’s no diet without salads included in the the menu, although a salad is not always the lean food we think it is.
A salad can contain vegetables and fruits together with cheese, chicken meat, fish, nuts, eggs, legumes, cereals, dry fruits, croutons, tofu, edible flowers and what not. The contents and the quantities give us a [...]

5 Tips for Keeping Those Pounds You Lost - Lost!

By Cook | Mar 21, 2008

We all know the vicious sickle of diets: it’s come to a point that the pants won’t zip up, the mirror is becoming less and less friendly to you, and one day - usually Monday - you decide to go on a diet.
Some of us find not eating what ever we feel like, too hard [...]

How to Identify and Buy Healthy Food Products

By Cook | Mar 16, 2008

Over the course of the past few years, the food manufacturers realized that a product sells much better if it’s package screams “I’m healthy”. That’s the reason why we get all those endless health assurances on the packaging. There are a few basic things you should check before deciding to buy a food product, based on those assurances:
1. “Healthy!”- But contains high [...]

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